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Regimental Bonnet

Picture of Regimental Bonnet
Military styled Regimental Bonnet made with high quality materials.

£103.14 incl tax
(£85.95 excl tax)

Glengarry, Diced

Picture of Glengarry, Diced
The best Glengarry in the world.

£82.31 incl tax
(£68.59 excl tax)

Glengarry, Plain

Picture of Glengarry, Plain
Made in the same Scottish factory since 1845 using traditional methods.

£72.71 incl tax
(£60.59 excl tax)

Glengarry, Tartan

Picture of Glengarry, Tartan
Our variation on tradition. All tartan with black edge-binding & trailing ribbons at back. Made in wool and lined. The small size in this style is well suited to children. Please email any enquiries for specials.

£23.94 incl tax
(£19.95 excl tax)

Bonspiel Tartan Tammie

Picture of Bonspiel Tartan Tammie
Feel truly Scottish in this traditional tartan hat with its lace tie at the back. Pure Caledonia. Made to order but well worth any wait. Choose from over 500 tartans. Also available in solid colours, please email us for details. Made in Scotland.

£23.94 incl tax
(£19.95 excl tax)

Cap, Mens Flat Cap, Tartan County Style, One Size

Picture of Cap, Mens Flat Cap, Tartan County Style, One Size
Made in Top Quality, Lightweight, Pure New Wool Tartan. The Classic County (Golf) Cap. One Size. Featherlight, Casual and Comfortable. Offered in selection of 500 lightweight tartans.

£23.94 incl tax
(£19.95 excl tax)

Classic County Flat Cap, Individual Sized to Order

Picture of Classic County Flat Cap, Individual Sized to Order
County Styled Flat caps made to individual size. The Classic Cap for golf or leisure. Please allow 6 - 8 weeks for delivery.

£39.95 incl tax
(£33.29 excl tax)

Lightweight Wool Tartan Tammie

Picture of Lightweight Wool Tartan Tammie
Our best selling Tartan Tammie in Scotlands top quality lightweight wool. Great style available in 500 tartans. A lovely gift.

£15.54 incl tax
(£12.95 excl tax)

Lambswool Tartan Tammie

Picture of Lambswool Tartan Tammie
Luxurious Lambswool Tammie

£16.74 incl tax
(£13.95 excl tax)

Strathearn Tammie, Lambswool

Picture of Strathearn Tammie, Lambswool
Luxurious Strathearn Lambswool Tammie. Banish the cold with this Classic Six-piece style.

£16.74 incl tax
(£13.95 excl tax)

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