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 Kilts to fit all ages, jackets, waistcoats, shirts, ties and bowties.

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Picture of MacMeerkat
Tartan MacMeerkat. We have a random selection of tartans in stock. However if you require a specific tartan please e-mail us at...

£11.95 incl tax
(£9.96 excl tax)

Tartan Teddy Bear

Picture of Tartan Teddy Bear
11 inches tall Teddy Bear in pure new wool Tartan Dress.

£35.94 incl tax
(£29.95 excl tax)

Tartan Teddy Bear - MacBear

Picture of Tartan Teddy Bear - MacBear
11 inches tall & dressed in a tartan plaid of pure new wool. Bred in Scotland.

£35.94 incl tax
(£29.95 excl tax)

Work In Progress!

Picture of Work In Progress!
We are adding new products every day. If you can't find exactly what you're looking for please don't hesitate to e-mail us at info@staonlineshop.co.uk

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