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Kenneth McLeay RSA was a renowned Victorian miniaturist responsible for two magnificantly illustrated volumes entitled the Highlands of Scotland ... published by Royal Command in 1870. The original water colours are owned by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and are held in the library of Windsor Castle.
Volume 1 contains the detailed prints of eight retainers (servants) of the Royal Household at Balmoral and seven portraits of leading clansmen and followers. Volume II contains 'Principal Clans & Followings' and comprises 16 illustrations.
These 31 paintings of MacLeay's are without doubt the most detailed portraits of the period showing in astonishing detail, the individuals, their Highland dress and - most importantly - the tartans they wore. Victorian lithography has never been surpassed and the prints in the books look as if they were McLeay's originals.
The Tartans Authority has permission to reproduce these and can make them available in either A4 (297mm x 210mm [11.75 inches x 8,25 inches]) or A3 (420mm x 297mm [16.5 inchesx 11,75 inches]).  Each illustration is individually printed on 310gsm Giclée Museum Classic paper.
The majority of the paintings are of groups of Highlanders in an appropriate landscape background and the description of each print gives the tartan(s) the names of the subjects and the portrait background.

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M31 - Sgt. James Sutherland, Adam Sutherland, Neil MacKay

Picture of M31 - Sgt. James Sutherland,  Adam Sutherland, Neil MacKay
M31. Sgt. James Sutherland, Adam Sutherland & Neil MacKay. Locality: Ben Laoghail with the Kyle of Tongue, Sutherlandshire. Tartans: Sutherland & MacKay.

£20.40 incl tax
(£17.00 excl tax)

MacLeay A3 print UNmounted

Picture of MacLeay A3 print UNmounted
A3 (420 x 297mm : 16 x 12 inches) - £28 + taxes and post & packing. An A3 print on Permajet Museum Classic textured art paper with pigment inks.

£33.60 incl tax
(£28.00 excl tax)

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