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Shirt, Collarless Grandad, Jacobean Ghillie Style.

Jacobean style shirt with design based on historical records from the time of Culloden. Leather thong tie. White 100% Cotton. Grandad style collar.

Shirt, Collarless Grandad, Jacobean Ghillie Style. A usually impossible-to-find Collarless Style which has been unavailable for years. Also known as 'The Grandad Ghillie Shirt'. 100% Cotton. Leather thong lace-up front. Double button cuffs. Relaxed, loose fit. This shirt is designed to pull over the head, so is always generously cut. Can be worn with kilt or trews. Casual, good-looking alternative to the more formal Highland Dress Shirt + Neckwear. Made in a quality 100% Cotton Fabric you can wash at 30 Degrees Celsius (86 Degrees Fahrenheit). This is a well-made and quality garment, produced by a reputable manufacturer. As it is a speciality item, there is Limited Stock/Inventory.

  • Size: M / L / XL/XXL/3XL
  • Made from 100% cotton and White only
* Chest
* Colour Selection

£45.60 incl tax
(£38.00 excl tax)
Product Specifications
Size 140cm wide

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