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Clan Table Mats - MacDougal

A truly unique selection of hard-wearing, Melamine faced table/place mats, large mats and coasters all based on the antique clan postcards of the famous 19th century Raphael Tuck.
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This fascinating and evocative range of place mats is only available from the Scottish Tartans Authority and  is based on a rare set of 1906 postcards from the Raphael Tuck Company - famous postcard designers and printers of the time.
They were produced at the height of the Victorian romantic period when all things Scottish were in great demand. Each of the 34 different clans are represented with their tartan, chief's badge, clan plant and a castle or area most closely associated with the clan. The edges of the postcards are nicked and worn in places and show the ravages of time - 105 years to be exact - which greatly adds to  the romantic portrayal of the clans
They are available in three sizes - large mats for the centre of the table measuring 385 x 265mm (app 15 x 10 inches). Conventional place mats measuring  275 x 196mm (app. 11 x 8 inches) and small coasters measuring  110 x 90 mm ( app. 4½ x 3½ inches).

You can buy as little as one mat or you can make up a set of as many as you want of the same clan or . . .  you could put together a real 'clan gathering' and mix up the mats to make a fascinating collection of Victoriana - but a word of warning . . . don't put the MacDonald mats anywhere near those of the Campbells!

Complete your 'heritage table' with matching Clan Coasters

and Table Centre Mats ~ examples below.


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