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Lermontov Tartan

The Russian-Scottish tartan was designed by Brian Wilton of the Scottish Tartans Authority and is based on two of Russia's most iconic figures - one of its greatest poets, Mikhail Yuryevich Lermontov (1814-1841) and one of its greatest heroes, Field Marshall and Prince of the Russian Empire Michael Barclay de Tolly (1757-1818) both of whom were descendants of Scots.

The white, blue and red are from the Russian national flag. The red on green is taken directly from the Barclay tartan and the three white lines on blue represent not only St Andrew - the patron saint of both Russia and Scotland - but also the major design element in the Lermontov tartan, the first tartan ever designed for a Russian family. The two Russian-Scottish dynasties are further connected in that in 1841 it was a Doctor Ivan Barclay of Piatigorsk who signed the death certificate of  the poet Mikhail Lermontov who was tragically killed in a duel. Arranged through Vladimir Malygin (Consul General of the Russian Federation In Edinburgh) and approved by Mr Yuri Fedotov, Russian Ambassador in London.

This is a special order fabric. Please address enquiries for the attention of STA Director, Mr Brian Wilton at info@staonlineshop.co.uk 


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