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West Highland Way Tartan

The tartan for anyone who has walked any part of the famous West Highland Way!

The West Highland Way travels through a clutch of traditional clan territories - Graham, Cunningham and Buchanan in the south, MacGregor in the middle reaches and then on through MacDonald, Campbell and Cameron country in the north. This design is based on the Campbell tartan circa 1725 and uses the corporate colours of the West Highland Way. The grey lines represent the Way itself and the green and purple symbolise the huge swathes of magnificent scenery along the Way. Red and black are grim reminders of the bloodthirsty past associated with so many of the traditional clan territories en route. Designed in 2005.To purchase fabric or products in this tartan please contact us at

This is a special order fabric. Please address enquiries for the attention of STA Director, at info@staonlineshop.co.uk 


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