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Diana Memorial Tartan / Diana Rose Tartan - Scarf, Luxury Lambswool

Lambswool Scarf. 100% New Wool, Woven in Scotland. Soft brushed with purled ends. A Great Scottish accessory, Lovely gift.
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Lambswool Scarf. 100% New Wool, Woven in Scotland. Soft brushed with purled ends. A Great Scottish accessory, Lovely gift. Available in either the Diana Memorial Tartan (Blue) or Diana Rose Tartan (Pink). 

The Official Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Tartan.

Diana, Princess of Wales Known to many as the 'People's Princess', is fondly remembered for her genuine warmth and compassion. Someone who didn't just care passionately for others - but made a real difference in the world, literally touching the hearts of millions.

The Diana Memorial Tartan (Blue) and Diana Rose Tartan (Pink) were created in tribute to the princess's memory. The design is based on a variation of the Royal Stewart plaid, in colours inspired by the image and life of the Princess. Every Diana Tartan product comes with a swing ticket telling a little of the Diana Tartan story.

For every purchase of a Diana Memorial Tartan product a contribution goes to 'The Diana Award' Charity. If you would like to donate directly or to get involved any other way click here to visit their website.


30cm x 150cm (59 in)

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