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Scarf, Pure Lambswool, WELSH Tartans

Soft Lambswool Scarf with purled ends available in more than 30 WELSH tartans.

 Soft Lambswool Scarf with purled ends available in what used to be 30 WELSH tartans.



Choice of tartans being limited.

Limited Availability. Some are now being replaced with worsted fabric wool scarves as of Nov 2018 . Only Harry, Hopkins, James, John, Madoc and Pope are definitely still known to be available in lambswool. Suggest you phone or email first.

  • 100% Pure New Lambswool, brushed
  • Size: 150 x 28 cm (59in x 11in)
  • WELSH tartans


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£35.94 incl tax
(£29.95 excl tax)
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