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Kilt Carrying Case, The Famous Kilter Roll

Picture of Kilt Carrying Case, The Famous Kilter Roll
A brilliant way to take your kilt on trips. Invented by a real Scot, this clever piece of kit lets you simply roll up your Kilt, zip it closed and take it with you. Complete protection for pleats.

£23.94 incl tax
(£19.95 excl tax)

Kilt Hanger Super Grip

Picture of Kilt Hanger Super Grip
Super Grip Kilt Hanger with hook for sporran. Chromium plated steel with strong spring loaded clips with non-slip coating. Your money back if your kilt falls off this one.

£9.95 incl tax
(£8.29 excl tax)

Kilt Strap Extensions Pack

Picture of Kilt Strap Extensions Pack
Heavy duty extension kilt straps can add a few more years to the lifetime of a kilt, without altering the kilt in any way. Up to 125mm (5 inches) added to the waist line.

£11.94 incl tax
(£9.95 excl tax)

Kilter Kilt Outfit Carrying Case

Picture of Kilter Kilt Outfit Carrying Case
No Folding! Transport your entire Kilt Outfit. Designed in Scotland specifically for a full Highland Dress Outfit.The ORIGINAL Kilter. With Kilt clamp-hanger, Jacket & Shirt hanger, Shoe pocket.

£107.94 incl tax
(£89.95 excl tax)

Work In Progress!

Picture of Work In Progress!
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