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M02 - John Brown

M02 - John Brown, Her Majesty's Personal Servant in a plain grey kilt. Background: Osborne House, Queen Victoria's and Prince Albert's private home on the Isle of Wight just off the south coast of England.

 In 1870 Queen Victoria commissioned the renowned miniaturist of the day, Kenneth MacLeay RSA, to paint portraits of  the Royal servants at Balmoral and  a selection of Highland clansmen.
MacLeay's output resulted in two magnificent books of portraits measuring a massive 18½ inches by 22½ inches containing a total of 31 superb paintings, the quality of which has never been surpassed.
He meticulously painted not only the figures themselves (you can even see the hairs on the subjects' legs!) but faithfully reproduced the tartans and clothing that they wore.
The original portraits are held in HM Queen Elizabeth II's library at Windsor Castle but the Tartans Authority is fortunate in having copies of the two MacLeay volumes from which these prints were recreated.
Printed on 310gsm Giclée Museum Classic paper these prints will greatly enhance whatever surroundings in which they're placed. Be it home, den, boardroom or business establishment.
Please note that whilst we quote modern metric sizes of A4 and A3 for convenience, contemporary formats never did neatly match those, so there can be slight proportional differences across the range of prints.

A4  (297 x 210mm : 11½  x 8¼  inches) - £17 + taxes and post & packing.

For the larger A3 and for mounted versions of the A4 and A3 see RELATED PRODUCTS below.




£20.40 incl tax
(£17.00 excl tax)
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